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Get organized for the new year with promotional calendars

Get organized for the new year with promotional calendars

New Year’s Eve is only weeks away. Consumers will soon begin buying calendars so they can stay organized during 2013, even though digital calendars are readily available on their computers and phones. Laurence Prince, a printer from London, likened the popularity of paper calendars to greeting cards, even in this increasingly techno-centric age.

“It think it’s immortal. When e-cards came out, everyone said they were going to be the death of the greetings card business. But people prefer something physical,” Prince told the BBC.

Businesses can distribute calendars as promotional marketing products to customers. The branded gifts are used all year, so the advertisements will effectively last longer than many marketing messages.

Choosing decorations
Small business owners can give away promotional wall calendars that customers can use as decorations in their homes. Companies can find unique calendars for their clients so that their gifts command attention.

You can find calendars that feature photographs of famous locations and artwork. Customers are more likely to notice your advertisements when they’re attached to beautiful pictures, and every page has a different image, so consumers will regularly see your logos.

Calendars can also be used to increase business every month. Consider including coupons on each page so that your customers must return to your business to take advantage of special deals.

On the go
Businesses can also distribute pocket calendars to employees who frequently travel or work remotely. The small schedules can help staffers stay organized even while they’re not in the office.

Companies can make the calendars more personal by adding employees’ names to the covers. Staffers want to be rewarded for their efforts, and receiving a customized calendar can motivate them to keep up their hard work. Associates appreciate when their managers recognize excellent work, so the gifts can also boost morale.

In the office
Desk planners are excellent gifts for on-site employees and business clients. It’s difficult to stay organized and maintain daily schedules, but desk calendars can help recipients track all of their deadlines and tasks. The promotional items can be particularly effective for business-to-business (B2B) vendors. Workers will use the planners every day and see promotional content, which increases brand recognition.

Businesses must start preparing their 2013 marketing strategies. Calendars can help companies start off on the right foot and contribute to unprecedented levels of success during the new year.

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