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Reward valued contributors and customers this holiday season

Reward valued contributors this holiday season

The holidays are the season of giving, and you should find presents to thank employees for their outstanding efforts over the last year. Giving your staffers personalized business gifts can help you show your appreciation and reinforce the bonds you share.

Some of the best presents are the ones that have everyday functionality around the workplace. Your employees likely don’t want to spend their hard-earned dollars on necessities, so give gifts that help around the office.

Starting off right
According to a survey conducted by Dunkin Donuts and CareerBuilder, 63 percent of workers drink two or more cups of coffee per day. Freshly brewed java is integral to every business, and some employees cannot start their shifts without the beverage.

Promotional mugs are popular gift ideas for clients and you can use a similar tactic by distributing personalized mugs to your employees. These gifts can help your workers save because they won’t have to buy their own coffee at local shops every day. The giveaways can also increase productivity, because your staffers won’t have to wait in line for their drinks. Additionally, recipients may enjoy having mugs to keep in the office so they don’t have to bring any from home.

If your employees frequently travel or have long commutes, you can give out customized thermoses and travel mugs. These presents can show your workers that you’re paying attention to their needs even when they aren’t in the office.

Keeping electronics pristine
Smartphones and tablets have become more popular in the workplace as manufacturers increase the functionality of both devices. As more employees adopt the gadgets for business purposes, it’ll become important for the mobile tools to be protected from the elements.

Consider giving all of your tech-savvy workers protective cases for their devices. There are covers that fit most smartphones and tablets, so you don’t have to find gifts for every individual model. If you’re worried that the presents will seem impersonal, you can have recipients’ names emblazoned on their cases.

Stay organized
Work gifts should encourage employees to maintain their current work levels. Presents like personalized calendars can help associates stay organized in the office and show that owners and managers appreciate consistent, excellent performance.

With the new year approaching, your workers will require new calendars to manage their schedules. Instead of requiring employees to buy their own planners, you can give customized gifts that can be used in the office or on the road. Desk agendas may be perfect for on-site staffers, while pocket calendars are probably better suited for travelers.

Give treats
According to U.S. News and World Report, sometimes it’s best to give edible gifts when you can’t decide on a present. Employees don’t always want items that remind them of work, but they still likely want their efforts to be recognized. Candy can be a nice surprise as it isn’t something usually found in the office.

You can give a traditional assortment of treats or chocolate bars with seasonal greetings printed on one side. Workers will enjoy having small snacks so they don’t have to visit the vending machines.

Be mindful of allergies. Some of your employees may have to avoid certain foods and adhere to special diets, but you should still give them small gifts. Make a note of any exceptions when buying chocolates and consider finding gummy snacks or jelly beans.

The aforementioned gift ideas are only some of the rewards you can give to your contributors. No matter what presents you give, remember they reflect your relationship and should be kept professional.

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