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Hotels must market to holiday guests

Hotels must market to holiday guests

The demand for hotel rooms is stronger than ever. USA Today recently reported that in July 2012 consumers booked approximately 106 million rooms. That number is likely to be even higher for November and December due to holiday travelers, because, as CNN points out, some vacationers would rather stay in a hotel than with family.

Hotels compete for seasonal customers every year, but these businesses can find an inside track by distributing promotional giveaways to their guests. Travelers always want souvenirs from their trips, but around the holidays those items may be too expensive after buying gifts for everyone. Hotels can use their branded products as small presents so their clients may be happy and come back the next year.

Helping through the weather
Some holiday vacationers plan for everything aside from their destinations’ weather. Even those who do check the forecasts may not be prepared for everything, as snow, rain and a wide temperature range are possible.

Hotels can prepare their guests for varying weather patterns with unique promotional products. Aside from the usual necessities, travelers also have to pack all of their gifts during their holiday trips, so it may be easy to forget items like umbrellas. Businesses can give away functional gifts so their clients can still enjoy their vacations even though the weather outside is frightful.

If it’s not cold enough for a snowy holiday, rain could put a damper on seasonal celebrations. You can give away branded umbrellas so your guests can stay dry and cheerful. Alternatively, sometimes the weather is too cold to be enjoyed and you can distribute travel mugs so your clients can bring their hot cocoa as they see local landmarks and visit family.

Marketing through the year
Travelers aren’t shy about taking certain items from their hotel rooms, like promotional pens and notepads. Establishments should keep these products stocked because they’re valuable marketing tools that can help turn seasonal guests into regular customers. As the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Baltimore branch writes, functional giveaways last so consumers are exposing themselves to advertising messages for long periods of time.

When travelers use your pens and pads at home, they’re seeing your hotel’s logos and developing brand awareness. The giveaways advertise your services to increase the likelihood that your clients will book with you next year, so you don’t have to develop advertising campaigns to find new guests.

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