Financial planners should market themselves ahead of “fiscal cliff”

The so-called fiscal cliff, a date in 2013 when tax increases and budget cuts will go into effect, is approaching. The Washington Post recently reported that negotiations between President Obama and the Senate have not been been going well and almost no progress has been be made.

Americans are concerned about how the fiscal cliff will affect them and are turning to financial planners for assistance. These businesses must raise their visibility to capitalize on the increased interest in their services. Promotional giveaways and mailers can help these companies reach out to consumers.

Financial planners can buy mailing lists and send leads items branded with contact information. For instance, a firm could mail local residents small flyers and logo-emblazoned pens. This strategy puts marketings materials directly into consumers’ hands so they’ll develop awareness of a company.

Once leads come in, you can reinforce your relationships by giving away other promotional items like calculators and notepads. These branded gifts can make your new clients feel appreciated so they’ll be more likely to retain your services, which can help you in the long run because it’s more cost-effective to hold onto customers than find new ones.

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