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Making tires safer

Making tires safer

Properly inflated tires are an important part of vehicular safety. Without the correct amount of air pressure, wheels can be unreliable and prone to damage. Safer Car, a subsidiary of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), recommends that drivers check their tires once a month, but not everyone follows that practice.

Local mechanics can help clients stay safe on the road with unique promotional products. Garages can distribute tire gauges so their customers know when they need to refill their tires or buy new sets.

The longer a driver delays checking his or her air pressure, the chances of damage occurring rise. Promotional giveaways that help drivers keep their car in working order show that mechanics care. Gauges can also help garages do more business. When customers see that their tire pressure is low, they’ll turn to their mechanic for repairs.

The best giveaways are the ones that forge bonds between you and your clients. Distributing branded tire gauges shows that you care about driver safety, while also marketing your auto repair services. The advertisements may be small, but they can still help you earn large returns as more customers come in to have their tires filled and changed.

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