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Great gift ideas to thank your customers this holiday season

Great gift ideas to thank your customers this holiday season

The holidays are the season of giving. People exchange gifts and well-wishes throughout November and December to display their appreciation and affection for each other. Gift-giving is a beloved tradition that everyone can participate in, even if only small tokens are exchanged.

It’s considered good business etiquette to distribute presents to clients. Some businesses, however, can’t afford extravagant giveaways for all of their loyal patrons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that budget-conscious establishments can’t participate in the seasonal tradition.

Whether you give larger gifts to a select group of clients or want to distribute unique promotional products to all of your customers, you don’t have to break the bank this holiday season.

Something sweet
The only thing sweeter than receiving a gift is being given candy. Customers love sweet treats, especially around the holidays. For businesses, confectionary delights are inexpensive presents that clients appreciate. Owners can pick their favorite treats and share them with their patrons.

Assorted chocolates are usually well-received by gift recipients and owners can have their logos emblazoned on the centerpieces. Owners who want to give gifts to more consumers can distribute small packages of various candies like jelly beans.

Using promotional items
Many of the giveaways you’d normally distribute for marketing purposes can be repurposed for the holidays. You can give more high-end versions of everyday items or limit your promotional items to a handful of customers during the holidays.

For example, instead of handing out promotional pens, you could distribute carrying cases and gift boxes as well. On the other hand, there are luxury pens that business-to-business (B2B) vendors can personalize and give to clients.

There are also gift sets, so you don’t have to buy individual presents for patrons. Bundling items together saves time and effort when shopping, which means you can spend less time on gifts and focus on running your business.

Greeting cards
Promotional holiday cards allow you to add personal touches to your gifts. You can write small notes and seasonal greetings to your customers, so they know that you put thought into their presents and that you’re not just buying generic gifts.

There is proper etiquette to sending cards that businesses should be aware of before they decide to send anything. Timing is everything, so companies should ensure that their messages are in line with the closest holiday. For example, a thank-you card may be more appropriate around Thanksgiving than it would near New Year’s Eve.

Additionally, owners and staffers that write in the cards shouldn’t repeat the same messages. Local businesses run the risk of being disingenuous by sending generic notes if customers compare their mailers. It takes the same amount of time to write a sincere thank-you that would be well-received.

Finding business-specific gifts
Companies can find gifts that represent their industries. After all, just because a business is giving out presents doesn’t mean it should stray from its brand identity.

For example, the financial sector has various gift-giving options that customers would appreciate. A banker could hand out chocolate shaped like gold coins or an accountant can send branded calculators to clients.

Think of gifts as promotional giveaways – they should reflect the type of business you conduct. Handing out presents that don’t have any connections to your company may not reinforce your brand.

Business owners have their own strategies for the holiday season, but gift-giving is a fun strategy that customers appreciate. Picking out the right present doesn’t have to be difficult and establishments can be creative, so long as they believe clients will enjoy the items.

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