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Using magnets for brand exposure

Using magnets for brand exposure

The refrigerator is one of the most frequently used appliances in a house. People open their fridges dozens of times per day and while the food stored inside is always different, the door is always the same.

Because refrigerators are generally plain, many consumers use magnets to spice them up. Usually these items aren’t large, but they’re noticeable and can draw a significant amount of attention if they’re colorful.

Business owners who want to increase their brand recognition can give away promotional magnets. These small decorations can generate a great deal of exposure for establishments that don’t have the budgets to produce multiple marketing campaigns.

Magnets are cost-effective advertisements that any business can distribute to their patrons or even mail to leads. Because the promotional marketing products are more budget-friendly than other marketing tools, owners can produce more of the items and hand out them to a greater number of consumers.

Creating a marketing presence in your customers’ homes can help your brand find recognition. You can choose from different magnets as well so they can be more stylish or functional. Magnets shaped like everyday items like houses and teeth can stand out from other fridge decorations. Other magnets have clips so consumers can hold invitations and pictures.

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