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Eco-friendly giveaway ideas

Eco-friendly giveaway ideas

An increasing number of people are concerned about their impact on the environment. In a 2012 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & Press, 67 percent of U.S. respondents believe there is a direct correlation between their activities and global warming, a four percent increase over 2011’s totals. Small business owners can help their customers go green by making their promotional giveaways eco-friendly and encouraging clients to recycle.

Reusable gifts
People use dozens of disposable products every day and throw those items away once they have served their purposes. Few consumers think twice about putting plastic bags in the trash, for instance. Businesses can reduce unnecessary waste by distributing reusable gifts.

It’s estimated that American consumers throw away 60 million plastic bottles every day, but you can help reduce that number by handing out logo-emblazoned water bottles. Your customers won’t contribute to the growing amount of plastic pollution because they can refill your gift every day. Whenever consumers are thirsty, they’ll be exposed to your advertising materials as well.

Some cities and states recently introduced laws prohibiting the use of plastic and paper bags in retail stores. The goal of these regulations is to encourage citizens to think green while shopping. This has led some shoppers to carry their purchases, which can be difficult if those customers bought many items.

If you want to help customers, you can distribute tote bags. Whenever your patrons come in, they’ll use the same bag so they aren’t wasting any paper or plastic. If they use the promotional marketing products in another establishment, they’ll be exposing other consumers to your brand as well.

Some people don’t remember to recycle paper goods. They waste the material which can be processed and reused multiple times. Businesses that give away items such as promotional wall calendars and notepads should encourage customers to recycle the gifts.

Owners can include the recycling symbol next to their logos so consumers are reminded not to throw the gifts in the garbage. Local businesses can mark the days when recycling is collected so residents know when they should separate their trash.

There are many ways for businesses to encourage customers to go green. Eco-friendly gifts only play a small part in reducing the environmental impact people have, but they can be good starts that promote long-term change.

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