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October is Animal Safety Month

October is Animal Safety Month

October is dedicated to raising awareness for various causes, like breast cancer. Some monthly themes, however, are not widely-known, and could benefit from heightened visibility. For example, October is also Animal Safety Month, a time to promote animal protection and safe interactions between humans and their pets.

As cities continue to expand, animals are losing their natural environments and face mounting dangers from human elements like pollution. Small businesses can promote Animal Safety Month by giving away eco-friendly promotional products. Reusable gifts can reduce the amount of trash people produce each day.

Owners can show that they care by decorating their giveaways with animals. For example, logo tote bags can have dogs and birds surrounding businesses’ graphics. Customers can bring the bag with them every time they shop, instead of relying on paper and plastic products. With every use, gift recipients are reminded of the importance of protecting the environment.

Marketers can pick promotional items that create long-term awareness for Animal Safety Month and their companies. Branding water bottles with small fish promotes taking action against water pollution as well as raising awareness for the eco-friendly businesses that gave the containers away. Printing the recycling symbol on promotional notepads can remind people there are better ways to dispose of their trash.

Pets tend to become major parts of their families ,and their owners want to make sure that their domesticated friends stay healthy. As with humans, animals should be checked regularly for potential medical issues, which makes Animal Safety Month a great opportunity for veterinarians to market their practices.

Doctors can take part in October’s animal-friendly cause by giving out promotional gifts to potential clients. Owners want their pets to receive the best possible care, but they may not know about the veterinary clinics in their areas. By handing out free items, pet physicians are ensuring that families know where to bring their pets.

Logo ink pens and promotional magnets are cost-effective marketing tools, so doctors can afford to distribute the items to a greater number of consumers. Because these tools have everyday functionality, owners are consistently exposed to doctors’ information which can increase the likelihood that patients will make appointments in the near future.

Animal safety is an important cause that requires increased levels of awareness. Promotional products allow businesses to market themselves while raising visibility for one of October’s important causes.

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