Finding salon clients

The haircare-industry is one of the most competitive sectors, even during economically uncertain times. According to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), salons added 75,000 jobs between 2001 and 2011, the same 10 year period in which the United States shed 1.6 million jobs overall.

Beauty parlors have to reach out to local consumers and implement promotional advertising strategies that help them stand out from the competition. Offering potential clients more than just the latest styles and friendly service can help a salon distinguish itself from other establishments. Promotional giveaways give customers added incentives to choose a particular shop.

Small gifts allow owners to entice a great number of prospective clients and could lead to high returns.Pens and tote bags are items that meet everyday demands, so consumers will be more likely to use them and develop brand recognition.

Giveaways show consumers which salons will go the extra mile to satisfy their clients. This can cause more customers to book appointments to see if the beauty parlor’s service matches its caring nature.

Retaining business
High retention rates can be the difference between successful small establishments and failing ones. Promotional giveaways don’t have to be limited to the search for new customers – they can also be used to improve client relations and increase the likelihood of repeat business. Salon owners can find beauty-centric gifts for their most loyal patrons.

Stylists can hand out compact mirrors, so customers can check their makeup on the go. Every time someone pulls out their promotional items, they’ll see their beauty parlor’s name and logo, which develops long-term brand recognition. If a salon offers pedicures and manicures, it can give away small clipper and tweezer sets. Customers will be able to keep their nails trim and clean in between appointments, so they always look their best.

These branded gifts only work if clients remember to come in for their regular appointments. Handing out pocket calendars helps ensure that customers are organized and know which day and time to come in for their beauty treatments.

Small giveaways can help any small business find and retain clients. Salons can buy the perfect promotional products for their establishments and patrons. These gifts aren’t always the most extravagant, but they create lasting bonds between stylists and their customers.

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