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Supporting Red Ribbon Week

Supporting Red Ribbon Week

October presents many opportunities to promote good health and raise awareness for worthy causes. For example, Red Ribbon Week was instituted in 1988 by the U.S. Senate to focus on substance abuse prevention, treatment and violence.

The National Family Partnership campaigns to raise awareness of drug use and the violent crimes associated with it. October 23-31 has been designated by the U.S. government as the official week to heighten visibility for this cause. Red Ribbon Week focuses on educating families and communities to stem the tide against addiction.

Doctors can use this week to raise awareness for health issues associated with drug use. Practices that specialize in rehabilitation may want to give away promotional products to help those in need find help. Small magnets and pens could raise a treatment facility’s profile so potential patients may find medical assistance.

Pediatric practices can support Red Ribbon Week by educating families on drug use among children. Doctors could give away promotional notepads so concerned parents can keep track of potential symptoms and warning signs.

Promoting awareness for substance abuse may be the best way to help keep drugs out of communities. Healthcare professionals can educate their patients about potential hazards and what treatments can be sought to overcome addiction.

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