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Why promotional pens are so effective

Why promotional pens are so effective

Promotional giveaways are meant to raise a business’ profile by placing an advertisement in a consumer’s possession. If a company gives gifts that aren’t functional, they may be discarded or ignored.

Promo items that have long lifespans can be used regularly by recipients and might be more likely to raise brand awareness because of their constant presence.

Everyday people have to write things down – students have to take notes in class, office workers need to fill out paperwork and families add to their grocery lists.  A promotional pen puts an establishment’s logo in clients’ hands while providing functionality. Pens are inexpensive and effective marketing tools for companies that offer business-to-business services, consumer products or both.

While it may seem limiting to give away such a small promotional gift, the Baltimore chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) points out that pens are likely to change hands. The more people that share the item, the more exposure a business will gain.

A pen might not be the flashiest marketing tool, but its functionality and long life could make it one of the most effective giveaways.

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