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5 promotional marketing tips for startups

3 promotional marketing tips for startups

The current state of the United States economy has caused many entrepreneurs to consider starting a business. Some recently unemployed professionals may decide to embark on the challenge of an entirely new enterprise, while others prefer the stability and management of a franchise opportunity. Regardless, anyone who opens a new business will face a myriad of challenges, and chief among these is the question of marketing.

How do you compose a customer base from a wide pool of possible leads? There is no definitive answer, but promotional products and a gift marketing strategy can certainly help improve your odds. If you are an entrepreneur and have just started a business, consider some of the following tips when implementing a promotional marketing plan.

Distribute functional, actionable promotional items

The reasoning behind this theory is simple – the more a person uses an object, the more likely they will be to see a corporate logo or brand image. For example, although we live in the digital age, people still need to take notes and write memos during important meetings. Therefore, promotional pens can broadcast a message or catchphrase to anyone who uses these writing utensils. When paired with an applicable gift like a promotional wall calendar, these customers will be getting a double dose of brand marketing.

Choose limited, quality products over cheaper varieties

It can be hard to justify allocating corporate funds toward a promotional marketing strategy because many startups have limited capital to spend. However, a smart entrepreneur will recognize when to invest in an opportunity, and quality promotional products are such cost-effective solutions.

Customers will be far more impressed with singular, well-made gifts as opposed to a dozen cheap versions. And while quality promotional items can be slightly more expensive, the return on investment will pay dividends – a startup marketing strategy is all about building brand reputation, and by distributing great gifts, a company can really make a reputable name for itself.

Engage social media directly

Finally, entrepreneurs should be sure to create social media pages for their companies so that promotional products can take advantage of the online world. For example, custom coffee mugs could be emblazoned with a Twitter hashtag or Facebook URL so that customers may link directly to a website. It is easy to forget the importance of social media, but with relevant promotional products, a potential target audience will be made well-aware of the online sphere.

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