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Avoid seasonal discrepancies with year-round promotional products

Avoid seasonal discrepancies with year-round promotional products

Many marketing managers and advertising executives believe the key to a good promotional strategy is taking advantage of seasonal themes and designations. However, while this is certainly not a bad idea, why should a company limit itself to promotional products that can only be given out during a specific time of year?

For example, if hundreds of branded flip-flops were given out in December, a customer realistically would not be able to use them until it was time to hit the beach almost half a year later. A promotional marketing plan should utilize promo items that are able to be immediately enjoyed.

Durable, reliable promotional products reduce the possibility that gifts will be set aside or misplaced, and in turn can immediately boost the potential return on investment. Promotional wall calendars are a great place to start – these nifty decorations can be hung on an office wall or in a bedroom, and as long as the calendar is up to date, can be used during any time of year.

By choosing promotional products that remain applicable all year long, a small business manager can effectively market a brand image to the largest possible target audience.

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