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Be eco-friendly and help carry the load

Be eco-friendly and help carry the load

Things are changing at the supermarket – local and state governments are starting start to weigh in on what kind of bags will be available to customers at the cash register. Solana Beach and Seattle are two of the latest cities to ban plastic shopping bags, and imposed a 5 cent charge for large paper ones. The trend is growing and, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, similar strategies are under consideration in New Jersey.

This has made reusable bags important to customers because they’re rapidly becoming the only way to avoid carrying purchases by hand. Businesses looking to build brand awareness may be able to help themselves and shoppers by giving away logo tote bags. Consumers will appreciate having a bag with them, and the emblazoned design will be seen by everyone in the store.

These promotional products could be used repeatedly so potential customers will become aware of the business that gave out such a functional gift. The company’s name should be paired with the logo on the outside of the tote so consumers will be able to find and use the business in the future.

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