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Top tips for using promotional products

Top tips for using promotional products

The time has come – your small business is ready to launch, and you are ready to embark on a promotional marketing campaign to reach out to your intended target audience to build a brand name and image. However, where do you begin? Entrepreneurs sometimes find themselves between a rock and a hard place when using promotional products.

Therefore, consider some of the following tips when it comes to promotional items.

1.) Brand products that will be used in everyday situations – This concept is easy to understand, because promotional products that worm their way into daily life will be seen by the maximum amount of potential customers. For example, a custom coffee mug can be used in both an office and private residence.

2.) Create a simple, attractive logo – Again, this might seem fairly obvious, but many companies spend a lot of money on complex images that soar over the heads of potential customers. Keep it simple and to the point – a promotional pen emblazoned with a phone number and address is more effective than an over-the-top logo on a random T-shirt.

3.) Quality over quantity – Customer loyalty should be your top priority, and meaningful gifts are always better appreciated than cheap, mass-produced items.

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