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The majority of the world is now accessible online, and businesses are following this lead as a strong advertising option.

Driving sales through online promotion

The majority of the world is now accessible online, and businesses are following this lead as a strong advertising option. Both in store and on the web, companies can show off their products and services, but with more people than ever turning to the Internet even while doing basic shopping, it’s a good idea for organizations to pursue online media.

An article in Forbes highlighted the increasing trend toward online sales that brick-and-mortar stores are trying to combat. Some of these entities are establishing Internet storefronts to keep up with trends, while others encourage email deals and other incentives to encourage consumers to come back to the business in the flesh.

One strategy both kinds of companies are using is promotional products. These create a sense of loyalty to the business that can’t be shaken by changing formats, so a person who carries around a USB keychain or a promotional bag with a corporate logo, regardless of whether it’s a physical or online vendor, will likely persist in frequenting that establishment.

Increasing visibility

Moving to the Internet and progressing to mobile has been an increasingly popular trend for businesses of all sizes for some time now. What’s more, there are signs that consumers are more willing to spend money online. The National Retail Federation reported on Mashable that people spend about one-fourth more while using online retailers as opposed to an actual shopping trip. Consumers have also started using the internet for shopping in a much bigger way – as of 2003, only around 10 percent of retail sales took place on the web, whereas this year it’s more than one-third.

This use of mobile devices to connect with consumers anytime and anywhere means it’s more likely that a customer will have heightened brand awareness. They can review deals, check out promotional products and share deals via social media outlets. As companies are able to give consumers more information on sales and giveaways, this will also encourage more purchases, both in-store and on the go.

Web and future designs

Building for web and mobile is also easier than ever, according to the Sacramento Bee, making it an affordable advertising medium for even small businesses. This will help organizations of all sizes increase the reach and influence of promotional giveaways when they happen, increasing the overall value of promo investments.

Back-to-school shoppers are mindful of all these deals and promotions, especially when trying to get the best deal on big purchases. Computers and other technologies are increasingly making their way onto student must-have lists, but as The Consumerist pointed out, online stores could be detrimental to customer retention.

The source stated that a study by research firm STELLAService found the online shopping experience to be lacking in polish and customer service. This could result in more people get frustrated or making purchases elsewhere. Almost three-fourths of the time, the biggest complaint for buying on the web was the lack of human representation, leaving questions about products and services unanswered.

Companies need to enhance their outreach to consumers, and giving them a promotional item to smooth over previous problems or bridge the loyalty gap can really help an organization out. Creating open lines of communication both in-store and online will assist companies in enticing more shoppers to both commercial spheres, creating better visibility and product awareness through customer care incentives.

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