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Giving gifts to your workers shows that you care about them and the different skills, talents and insights they bring to the organization.

Celebrate national golf month with promotions to improve your game

Giving gifts to your workers shows that you care about them and the different skills, talents and insights they bring to the organization. Simply saying you appreciate their input may not be the best way to show it, though, so the next time you want to make a worker feel particularly appreciated, offer a golf-themed promotional gift to spice up their game.

Offering items to employees as a token of gratitude can pay off, as the return on investment is realized through better performance. The recipient will show off the prize, inspiring other employees to work hard and receive something similar as well, thereby boosting the morale and performance of the entire office.

Since August is national golf month, there’s no better time than the present to invest in corporate gifts like pens, notepads and other custom giveaways with golf themes. Better yet, gold ball markers, bags and umbrellas will be with them all the time, on the course and off, giving you visibility and mobile brand awareness.

Teeing off promotional gifts

Even though you may feel giving to employees will be easier than customer giveaways, these should be treated with just as much care and consideration as any other promotional drive. Giving has always been a staple of human resources retention strategies, be it with extra days off, pay raises or other incentives, but custom gifts can be a better, more cost-effective way of saying “thank you” to an employee who has done an exemplary job.

On the list of golf giveaways for those looking to spend the least but make the most impact should be themed calendars and pens. These carry the overall message of leisure and golfing, but also encourage planning, note-taking and clarity on the job. With these tools employees can better plan their days, make space for golfing trips and still stay on-task for important corporate deadlines.

More casual gifts on a smaller scale include ball markers and divot repair tools, which serve a single purpose on the course but get passed around during outings. As these are most likely to be used by others in the employee’s party, they can easily ask questions and learn more about the organization, its products and services from a highly-knowledgeable source, all sparked by seeing a corporate logo on one of these giveaways.

Making gifts count

Some companies have even instituted point systems or trade-up programs to get better gifts, increasing the value of certain items and creating an incentive to work harder. Workforce Online wrote that some organizations have instituted these kinds of programs with strong results from certain members of management, which in turn sends a strong message to those who work in their offices.

For trade-up programs or items with a bigger splash, custom tote bags and golf club bags are a great way of showing an employee he is truly valued by the organization. Bearing a corporate logo, these bags also broadcast the company’s name at golf courses and when displayed in public, making them a great sounding board as well for increased customer interest.

Umbrellas also have a big presence everywhere they go, protecting employees from the rain and helping them make it to work unmolested. These are highly portable and universally appreciated items, and guarantee that casual viewers will catch a glimpse of your business logo every time it rains.

Having a strong employee loyalty program will make staff feel more appreciated and compel them to do better work. Show your top performers that the organization truly cares about them this month with promotional golf gifts to strengthen their ties and engagement with National Golf Month promotions.

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