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How to incorporate the Olympics into promotional products

How to incorporate the Olympics into promotional products

The Summer Olympics only come around once every four years, so if you are a small business owner looking to capitalize this marketing potential, break from tradition and distribute promotional products that carry an Olympic theme.

There are many different way to launch a promotional marketing strategy, so keep a few of these tips in mind:

Copyright law – The Olympic Rings symbol cannot be duplicated in any way, as it is the exclusive property of the International Olympic Committee. However, a national flag is not – for example, you could emblazon custom coffee mugs with the American flag is your business is located in the United States.

Practical promotional items – Gifts are only likely to be used if they are practical and attractive, and can actually provide supplemental advertising if utilized in public. For example, a calendar with historical information on the Olympics could be hung on an office wall, where clients, employees and guests are sure to see a company brand image or logo. Most businesses pay thousands of dollars to reach out to this kind of audience, but you can reach the same people through cost-effective promotional products.

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