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Making sure a product has an impact and is seen regularly are equally important.

Promotional drinkware – customers love promotional products in the kitchen

From the moment someone wakes up in the morning to the second they go to sleep, businesses know that person will see dozens, even hundreds, of different promotional messages. Ensuring that theirs makes the most impact is what counts the most in terms of revenue – higher visibility may make it more likely for someone to view a promotional item, but they may not remember the company it was for afterward. Making sure a product has an impact and is seen regularly are equally important.

Adding promotional cups and mugs to any consumer’s cabinet is a great way of keeping them engaged every day. Starting the day with a promotional cup of juice and taking a logo water bottle with them to the gym and work, that person will have a constant reminder of the business responsible for providing them with continual refreshment. These tools will also make some impact on those seeing them on the go, so coming up with creative promotional products stored in the kitchen will ensure this level of continued use and visibility.

Finding a use

One of the biggest things to remember when picking a promotional item is how often a consumer is likely to use a product. If it seems unlikely that something would gain continuous use, it wouldn’t make a great giveaway, even if it looks colorful or unique. Practicality will always win out in the longrun over the interesting.

For that reason, kitchen items are generally well appreciated by customers who see them as filling a niche use, not just as a promotion for a company. For that reason, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote that the Promotional Products Advertising Institute found more than 90 percent of people who responded to one of its studies on promotional items said that they preferred kitchen items like mugs, cups, cookware and the like in terms of giveaway products.

Since there are kitchens both at home and at the office, these promotional mugs and cups find many homes and uses, as well as a much broader audience. These items get shared and shown off, talked about and regifted, making maximum impact with more than just the original recipient.

Marketing impacts

The purpose of promotional items is to get a brand seen, but a logo will also communicate the company’s vision and culture. For that reason, it’s important that the item reflects the same values as the business itself. Mugs and cups do this well, as they have a continuous purpose and support regular daily events.

They can also be used to show support for green lifestyle and other public initiatives, encouraging consumers to draw connections between public consideration and the business. The Network for Business Sustainability reported that nearly 90 percent of respondents to a recent survey would feel better about shopping with a green company, so if a promotional mug can show off recycled materials or use of sustainable products, it will show clients how much the company cares for the environment.

Promotional cups and mugs can say so much about a business. Branded items of all kinds can serve this purpose as well, but drinkware is something that people will see and use frequently throughout the day, get passed around and shared, and may find its way into other kitchens outside the home. It is useful and versatile, as well as a great way to show off different aspects of corporate culture, making it a prime choice for many businesses’ promotional giveaway items.

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