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e it in a darkened car, on a lonely street or during a power outage, there's many times when having a flashlight handy can make all the difference.

Light the way to new business

There are times when you could really use a light to see by. Be it in a darkened car, on a lonely street or during a power outage, there’s many times when having a flashlight handy can make all the difference. A business can capitalize on this sense of wellbeing provided by a promotional flashlight if they choose this item as a giveaway to consumers and employees alike.

They also come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Promotional flashlights don’t need to take up a lot of space. In fact, keychain lights are as convenient as they are portable, making them an intuitive accessory for car and house keys. They also offer a constant reminder to consumers of the company who supplied the item, associating the logo with practicality and smart design.

A light when all others go out

In an emergency situation, it’s essential to have light to see by. This will help establish a sense of control, as well as help with locating necessary contact information or trying to locate tools like fuse boxes or candles. An article in the Wall Street Journal discussed how much of a lifesaver having a flashlight around in the event of a midnight emergency can be, especially during more catastrophic events.

The article pointed out one of the things that may hit people hard in the wake of a disastrous storm – a lack of preparedness. Offering a promotional keychain flashlight would give consumers access to a highly beneficial tool in just such an emergency, as convenient as it is handy. Full size flashlights with more torch power and battery life are even more useful and can be kept in various rooms of the house, increasing brand visibility while providing the reassurance to consumers that they will always have a light on hand if needed.

Keyrings are also good for less dramatic situations that may still pose a threat or at least an inconvenience. Struggling to find a door lock or the ignition of a car can be annoying, especially depending on the time of night and the area in question, so offering a light to see by can reassure a consumer while reinforcing positive brand awareness.

A guiding promotional light

Other companies have used this simply as a fun and intriguing tool for drawing consumer interest. The options available for keyring lights and promotional flashlights in general aren’t just limited to the color of the casing, the color of the light can be changed or different images projected using a built-in lens.

That was exactly the ploy used by Relativity Media in advertising its upcoming film, “House at the End of the Street.” The company handed out hundreds of promotional flashlights to consumers at a recent convention, all of them sporting the company’s logo and the title of the film. When recipients turned on the light and shined it on a nearby surface, it actually projected a special phone number for people to call that had a spooky recorded message. Callers were then given the option of signing up for text messages and email alerts to keep receiving more advertising information about upcoming events both related to the film specifically and to the company as a whole.

Finding creative ways like this to integrate additional advertising onto promotional items gets people talking and sharing different giveaways. It also draws attention to the brand and its products, encouraging more conversation and increasing company visibility.

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