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Businesses use promotional items to get brand visibility and draw customer attention to a certain product or service.

Raising awareness with targeted giveaways

Businesses use promotional items to get brand visibility and draw customer attention to a certain product or service. Now some law enforcement agencies are using that same method to encourage safety.

Protecting yourself on the water

Knowing about proper boating procedures is important to having a good time on the water but people may not check that they have the proper number of life vests prior to leaving the dock. In other instances they may simply choose not to wear a device even if there is one available. Law enforcement offices in Colorado and Oklahoma will be hosting promotional giveaway events to hand out life jackets in both child and adult sizes to recreational boaters. The events will also offer free jacket fittings and promotional stickers to help advertise the event and its initiative.

The motive here is to ensure more safe practices and hopefully fewer accidents or fatalities. The Colorado Statesman noted that the U.S. Coast Guard recommends operators regularly inspect flotation devices to ensure they’re in good condition. They suggest regularly replacing these vests to ensure passenger safety.

Use your head on the street

Police want cyclists to remember to wear helmets when they head out and helmet promo items are a constant reminder of the importance of that message.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) said that the likelihood of death in a bicycle accident was four times higher for those not wearing a safety device compared to those who were at the time of the accident. For that reason, police officers in California are offering a promotional giveaway of helmets to encourage awareness of road safety.

Helmet manufacturer Bell is also giving away helmets to promote smart biking. The company is offering a helmet a day to one lucky person who shares the company’s Facebook page on the social networking site. Not only does this foster a broad web of cycling safety awareness, it also garners Bell a good amount of free advertising and establishes the business as an ethical corporation focused on community support.

Promos for safety

Law enforcement, like any other business, can use promotional items to get important messages to the public for a low cost. These advertising tools give a reach and voice to an organization it may not hope to enjoy otherwise.

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