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Promotional products will help seal the deal

Promotional Products will help seal the deal

Your first impression is ultimately the most important thing when it comes to a potential client. Usually this occurs in the form of your pitch – when you show them the invaluable service you will provide and why they should choose your small business over the competitors. While your product will be the main factor in landing a deal or getting a contract signed, you may want to reinforce this first glance with corporate gifts. This will demonstrate your lasting commitment and drive for customer satisfaction.

By sending your client promo items after your first meeting, you give them the impression that you value their service enough to think about them after, and this will help them see that they are a top priority.

Each item you issue will say something uniquely positive about you and your company’s personality. If you send them promotional wall calendars or perhaps desktop planners with your business’s logo printed on each page, it shows that you hold punctuality, planning and timing as a top priority. This will help coerce them into choosing you as a business partner because they will know that the job will be done on time.

If you issue USB flash drives it gives off the impression that your business is at the forefront of technology and understands the importance of staying current in the digital age. If your prospective client is a constant traveler or commuter, they will have no problem utilizing this digital gift.

Your promotional items do not always have to be strictly about business. Business has a long and storied history of having deals take place in the midst of leisure – which is why golf has always played an important role in the corporate world. Feel free to give your future customer gifts they can enjoy in the coming summer months.

For days on the beach, send them a premium quilted cooler and a mini fan. Every time they grab a cold beverage as they sit in soft sands on the shore and cool themselves, they will think about your company. The summer months also include rain, so help them be prepared for the elements with a custom athletic pullover windbreaker jacket – as they stand on the golf course and the downpour comes, they will thank you for keeping them dry so they can finish their round.


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  1. Alex June 2, 2012 at 12:29 am #

    Great advice. This detailed information shows how your experience made you what you are right now and your suggestions are really helpful and direct to the point. Keep it up and more success!

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