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Get into the action of the French Open with promotional products

Get into the action of the French Open with promotional products

Tennis is a sport that Americans have always enjoyed.  It might be playing a pickup match with friends and family on one of the local courts, or spectating from the couch or the stands as the professionals dart back and forth, showing their athletic prowess as the ball ricochets off their rackets at lightning speeds.

June is the month of the French Open, a renowned international tennis tournament going on in the Western European nation. You can use promo items to get in on the hype of the tournament and show your clients your ability to stay relevant in the sports world. Issue corporate gifts such as tennis-themed wall calendars that have pictures of racquets and balls and tennis courts, or perhaps an image of someone giving a backhand or serving the ball.

Another good idea are personalized mugs that have your company’s logo emblazoned on the side with a graphic of a tennis ball or perhaps an American flag to symbolize you rooting for the home team.

You could also give out corporate gifts that can be used on and off the tennis court. An example of this is a BPA-free 24 oz. water bottle with handle, that will keep your clients hydrated as they swing their racquets under the hot summer sun.

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