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Promotional products will make a picnic complete

Promotional products will make a picnic complete

Picnics are the ultimate way for people to enjoy the burgeoning spring sun while at the same time indulging in the opportunity to create delicious home cooked meals. Your clients will undoubtedly set out with their families on free weekend hours to local parks or backyards for picnic fun. Your promo items will help make their outdoor dining experience easy, so they can concentrate on the important things like having memorable moments with their family.

Give your customers logo tote bags for all of their belongings that they plan on taking on their picnic venture. As they carry the chips, blanket and recreational materials with them in their bag, they will look down and see your company logo emblazoned on the side and will forever associate that fun day with your faithful service.

Your clients will want to make sure that all of their food nice and cool, especially if their picnic destination is far away. Help them keep all the sandwiches and whatever they have prepared for the special day, nice and fresh with a premium quilted cooler. When they take the first bite of that melon salad and it is still crunchy and cold, they will attribute the great quality of their cantaloupe and watermelon to you.

With a long work week ending, your client will most likely want to indulge in a beer or two as the little ones run around after the meal is finished. Thanks to the cooler the drink will be chilled, and you can complement this with a pocket can cooler that bears your company logo. This will keep your clients hand from freezing and will prevent the drink from slipping, so they can sip with optimum enjoyment as they take in the surrounding scenery.

Just because your customer is taking a break that does not mean business is. He or she might still might have to take phone calls to field questions from clients or give advice to employees. If your client is outdoors they will not have an outlet for charging their phone, so aid them with an outdoor solar charger. These make great corporate promotional giveaways because they remedy any potential anxiety your customer might have about leaving the office, and will allow him or her to always stay connected.

Another great gift for the family picnic enthusiast is a collapsible promotional flyer. After everyone is done eating, let mom and dad take advantage of the open space and fresh air with a game of catch with the little ones.


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