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Promo items make bike riding a breeze

Promo items make bike riding a breeze

As the weather conditions begin to clear up and the mercury rises, many people take advantage of warm weather for fun and exercise by hitting the road on two wheels for weekend bike ride excursions. Many of your clients will look forward to leaving their office behind as they go out with their friends and families, or perhaps by themselves with nothing but the sound of turning pedals to distract them. Give your clients great corporate promotional giveaways  that will help aid them in their bike rides.

The write gift

Before they set out, your clients will want to plot a course on their maps or perhaps check off certain spots and destinations they want to reach. While smartphones and mobile devices can always be used for navigation, there are still bicycle maps that cater specifically to the two wheeled crowds that provide convenient routes throughout urban areas and point out specific bike paths.

Give your customers a carabiner pen with your company’s logo on it. Not only can they use it to map out their designated path, but it also doubles as a key ring. This will come in handy for holding their bike lock keys, so if they do make a stop they will not have to worry about their bike being stolen.

Another writing utensil that is great for promo giveaways is a tool pen. Sometimes you do not realize that parts need to be adjusted or tightened until you are on the road and with this tool, your client will be able to raise that seat or readjust those handle bars. This will also lighten their load because they will not need to pack a multi-purpose tool or a screwdriver.

Stay on course and stay hydrated

Going out on a bike in the hot sun can be a great test of endurance and it also can be detrimental if you do not adequately replenish your fluids. Give your clients a glow in the dark sports bottle they can keep in a holster on their backpack or bike frame. When they start to work up a sweat and need a drink they will think of your company every time they take a drink and get back on the bike. Also the water bottle’s ability to glow will help them be more visible at night so cars can see them as they pass on the road.


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