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Encourage customer loyalty through the use of promotional products

Encourage customer loyalty through the use of promotional products

Promotional products may be used for a variety of purposes. They can reward employees for a lifetime of service, provide a practical solution to a mechanical problem or even store financial data. However, a promotional advertising campaign is best served when it targets customer loyalty. Executive gifts ensure that clients feel validated for their voluntary service and will encourage them to come back for more.

For example, visual equipment provider Greg Le D offered his thoughts on customer loyalty in a testimonial on

“In the past, I gave out pens to separate myself from my competition. I wanted to hand my clients something different and far more useful,” wrote Le D. “I came across the Myron multi-tool, with [a] blade, screwdriver, scissor, file and more. It is nice to look at and offers a wide array of tools. Male and even female customers love it. It made a really big hit with MTV camera crews, since we supply them camera gear equipment. Also, I offer a lifetime guarantee – if they lose it, it breaks or is taken away at the airport, I tell just call and I will send them another one. This usually gets me another order as well.”

Practical gifts like the multi tool are among the best items to distribute to customers because they have such a high rate of visibility. For example, consider a wall calendar that is emblazoned with a corporate logo and given out in January. This product is guaranteed to be hung in a location where at least a few people will see it, and as office staff mark meeting dates and schedule luncheons, they will be constantly reminded of the company who provided the calendar. Plus, this cost-effective gift will last for an entire year, perfect for a small business with a limited amount of financial capital to invest.

The best way to distribute a practical business gift is to give it out as an exchange for services rendered. So, just like Greg Le D, you can send a thank you card to a client and include promotional pens, key chains or other items right in the envelope. This way, all a person must do is look at the return address on the envelope to know exactly where to find more of the same quality promotional products.

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