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Encourage a healthier lifestyle with promotional products

Encourage a healthier lifestyle with promotional products

It is no secret that a poor diet leads to health problems later on in life. According to Fatty foods high in cholesterol are well-known to be a leading cause of atherosclerosis in adults, and people don’t always understand the nutritional properties of the food they are eating. A small business can project a responsible brand image by distributing promotional products with suggestions on serving size and alternative ingredients.

“Our message is to try to reduce the red meat consumption to less than two to three servings per week,” said Harvard research fellow An Pan, Ph.D., according to CNN, “We don’t want everyone to be a vegetarian. It’s better to go with unprocessed products and plant-based foods.”

An article in Time showed that high levels of fat can lead to a poor sperm count in men.

Promotional products can be branded with information on how to reduce your daily intake of fat. For example, custom coffee mugs can suggest the use of soy milk and other sweeteners instead of the traditional heavy cream or milk. Customers are likely to be impressed with a company that is trying to improve their lifestyle, and even something as simple as a promotional pen that features health information can go a long way.

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