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Target spring performances and celebrations with promotional products

Winter sets a theme of hibernation and rest over the cold months in the beginning of the year in many regions of the country. Outdoor sports take a break from the spotlight as indoor competitions take center stage, and musical performances are often held in smaller amphitheaters that have heating. But when the winter thaw begins to melt into spring, small business owners can take advantage of the renewed market for music and entertainment with promotional products.

Before the temperatures rise, a marketing manager should be aware of the target audience for stage plays during the winter. These potential clients love going to event{s} for free, and local theaters often have cheap tickets. A corporate giveaway can feature free concert or performance tickets coupled with a custom coffee mug that has the name of the band or theater troupe emblazoned on the side.

To facilitate further branding, a prize can be offered to the participant who writes the most creative review using included promotional pens. Creative advertising schemes like this will enable promotional items to have their maximum effect on new business and return on investment.

Once the green of the spring begins to show through rain showers, a small business can then gear promotional products toward outdoor events. For example, logo tote bags can be provided to customers who like to enjoy open-air concerts. Blankets, picnic supplies and related items can be placed in this practical business gift, and its high visibility makes a tote the perfect item to include a brand message or corporate logo.

Weather-oriented products should generally be avoided unless they can be applied to many different kinds of conditions. For instance, custom umbrellas can be given out to prepare for any unexpected rainstorms, but can also offer shade on a sunny day.

Solar-powered promotional products are also a great idea for outdoor events. A phone charger that is powered by the sun is the perfect companion for listening to entertainment on the beach in fair weather. Even mechanical devices like hand-cranked flashlights can be used to find seating during evening performances.

Corporate giveaways of these promotional products should be timed around a series of major concerts and events to maximize visibility. This spring, small businesses should consider using promotional items that can capitalize on warmer weather to successfully promote their services.

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