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Make wedding announcements through promotional products

A man and woman who are tying the knot don’t want to keep the fact a secret, so many couples make announcements in local newspapers or create websites where people can log messages and browse wedding registries. However, wedding planners and couples alike can promote news of nuptials through promotional products.

These wedding-themed promotional items should either target the ceremony date itself or link to relevant marriage events. For example, promotional pens can say “Save the date! 1/1/2012 will be the beginning of the Smith’s journey together,” and will serve as a constant reminder to anyone who scribbles a quick note.

Items like custom coffee mugs can also have a URL link to a couple’s website or registry page, which will make it easier for curious friends to find out information on the big day. For guests planning to attend bridal showers and bachelor parties, gift wish lists can be include on promotional items as well.

Weddings are joyous events that require complex planning months in advance – promotional products can aid organizers by projecting important information.

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