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Event planners can benefit from the use of promotional products

Event planners can benefit from the use of promotional products

Organizers in charge of planning private events know how difficult it can be to successfully promote their projects beforehand. Flyers and fancy invitations often seem to get thrown out or ignored, and advertising campaigns are never guaranteed to yield fruitful results. However, promotional products can be the answer for anyone from wedding planners to club producers.

There are two main qualities that an event planner can target with promotional items – posterity and publicity. These two ideas can either be implemented at the same time or separately, but some specific events require one over the other.

Remembering momentous occasions

For example, wedding planners do not have to worry about promoting the marriage before the big day. Guests are typically invited by the bride and groom to a closed ceremony, because who would want to have strangers at a private ceremony? Therefore, a wedding planner can focus on the memory of the nuptials with promotional products.

Since February is National Wedding Month, there is no better time for a wedding planner to include personalized gifts in ceremony plans. Items like cufflinks, watches and whiskey decanters can be provided to male guests, while foldable flats, cosmetics and tote bags can be given to members of the bridal party. They can be branded with personal messages about the bride and groom – for instance, a custom coffee mug could read “Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and be stamped with the marriage date.

For more fun, quirky ceremonies, a wedding planner can include creative information like humorous facts about the couple. These promotional products can ensure that guests remember the big day for a long time afterwards.

Promotional products can be used before and after an event

The other side to this promotional marketing coin is products that can be used in both the lead up to an event and afterwards. For instance, if an event planner is looking to promote a summer concert series, they can hand out logo USB keys that have the date and theme of the event written on them. USB keys saying “Summer Concert 2012, Peace & Love” will continue to be used well after the performance is over, and can be instrumental in attracting future attendees if it is an annual event.

Event planners should consider using promotional products in their marketing strategies to help foster fond memories for future return on investment.

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