Personalized wedding favors can be a great way to boost a small business brand

With the summer wedding season fast approaching, many planners begin organizing important aspects of their nuptial schemes in February to ensure that all deadlines are met with room to spare. This may be one of the reasons why February is designated as National Weddings Month, and small business managers looking to implement a promotional marketing strategy should be aware that many planners look for business gifts to be handed out at weddings. February can be the perfect time to sell a wedding administrator on promotional products, and managers looking to expand their brand image should begin making plans of their own this month.

Take advantage of secondary events

Despite the fact that a wedding takes place in a single ceremony, there are several big events leading up to the big day that provide plenty of opportunities to give out promotional products. Key among these are the respective bachelor/bachelorette parties that friends and family throw for the bride and groom. Everyone loves the shenanigans that occur at these celebrations, but revelers love quality promotional products even more.

Rehearsal dinners and bridal showers are the more formal occasions that lead up to the wedding, but high-quality promotional items can still be given out to project an air of sophistication. Crystal wine glasses and scented candles will appeal to all attendees and can ensure that a company’s message is consistently broadcast over the lifetime of the gift.

Keep the audience’s gender in┬ámind

For male patrons, look toward promotional items like a Copper Field Rollerball pen or carbon-fiber cuff links that appeal to practical-minded groomsmen. These products can easily be emblazoned with a company message or logo, and their reduced cost makes them highly desirable for promotional marketing. Companies that have slightly larger budgets might consider high-end promotional products like a Da Vinci whiskey decanter that could be the centerpiece of any man’s bar.

For bridesmaids and female attendees, promotional products should cater toward this demographic without being overtly feminine. For example, foldable flats and cosmetics bags are convenient little gifts that are not as over-the-top as a neon pink scarf. Bracelets and leather accessory holders are cost-effective ways to ensure high visibility, and can include an inspirational message about the bride and groom. Just as with products geared to men, corporations looking to spend a little more money can give out promotional products like custom tote bags and superior jewelery boxes.

The big day arrives

Finally, when the day of the wedding arrives, a small business can provide wedding favors to guests. It is important to remember that a wedding is an extremely personal day that will be remembered by family and friends forever, so promotional products must remain tasteful and elegant to cater to this atmosphere.

One can never go wrong with giving out free food, and edible gifts like butter toffee tins or mini mints can be included in a basket by the entrance or exit, branded with “Best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Smith” along with a company sponsorship. Drinkware such as pint glasses and mugs are also likely to be used by many guests and can be re-distributed after the wedding as a thank-you present.

It is a privilege for a small business to be allowed to advertise at such a private event, so irrelevant products must be avoided to ensure that the participating families feel respected. If completed successfully, a promotional marketing strategy employed at a wedding can result in increased buzz around a service provider along with a very high return on investment for promotional items.

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