Cash in on the advantage of edible promotional products


One of the most basic desires of a human being is hunger. People tend to remember things that they associate with food and drink, like a great meal at a wedding or a cold beer on a beach vacation. A good way for small business owners to take advantage of this memory association is through the innovation of edible marketing.

This idea is seen across a large range of industries today. Jessica Simpson, for example, co-founded the popular “Dessert Beauty” line that features a long product list of edible cosmetics. The idea was snapped up by the industry, and now many competitors offer similar brands of products.

Get creative and combine already-successful promotional products with food. Fill a business card with candy or mints, or even construct the actual card out of chocolate. Send out personalized pens that are filled with chocolate syrup instead of ink. There is no design too far-fetched, and small business owners may benefit from following the model that the more unusual, the better.

Adding an edible component to any corporate gift will give it a creative twist that will leave clients with their mouths watering for more.

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