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Building a positive image through supporting a cause

Building a positive image through supporting a cause

When it comes to promotional marketing, there is nothing more important to a business than projecting an image of personal responsibility and general caring. There are innumerable charities dedicated to specific diseases and ailments, and by supporting such an organization, a small business can expect quality positive reinforcement.

Breast cancer foundations are a popular example of such organizations and are prominently supported by billion-dollar enterprises such as the NFL. Unfortunately, breast cancer is something that many woman will have to deal with in their lifetime. According to the American Cancer Society, there will be 230,480 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in the United States this year. When deciding which charity to support, small business owners should consider a well-known ailment that many people can relate to, or at least support optimistically. Breast Cancer Awareness promotional items can provide a practical business gift while linking a company to an extremely positive movement.

Large causes like breast cancer awareness often have a specific week or month dedicated to an overload of marketing, and a company should always target these times to ensure promotional products will have the maximum desired effect. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and anything goes during that time. Pink lights are shone on international monuments and charity events are organized side-by-side with massive parades. For a company looking to create a positive image, October is the perfect month for promotional products like magnets with a breast cancer ribbon.

However, business managers should not feel limited to such a prominent disease as cancer. Especially if there is a personal connection to an obscure disease, it can be of great importance to draw the public eye to the subject. Combining corporate gifts with medical information such as risk factors or symptoms informs the average worker about such diseases and might even save a life by encouraging early diagnosis.

The great thing about supporting a good cause is that it is always appropriate to put on any corporate gift. If a company feels like spending a little more money, they can send out a gift of pink chrome watches, and if not, something as simple as a custom magnet or pen will do. A good public image can open lots of doors for a small business owner, and supporting any charitable organization can ensure long-term success.

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