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Using promotional products to stay on top of the social media craze

Using promotional products to stay on top of the social media craze

With the advent of internet technology, social media now dictates how online marketing and advertising operate. Companies are no longer considered up to date if they do not have a Twitter feed, Facebook page, or at least a newsworthy blog. However, it can sometimes be difficult to attract the horde of online patrons that retailers desperately crave.

There are plenty of non-traditional ways to go about social media marketing. Instead of mass-emailing clients with a link to a corporate twitter account, focus on personalized business gifts instead. Get creative – instead of placing a corporate logo on promotional pens, slap a Twitter hashtag on them. A hashtag on Twitter can help organize a company’s press into one centralized source, and this action will simultaneously advertise a retailer and create an image of social media ingenuity.

It is also important to focus on the big picture. A custom plaque might be nice, but it is far more effective to give people things that they will actually use. Items such as personalized mugs, totes, and pens creep their way into everyday use, and carry the added benefit of being borrowed or placed in a public location.

Also, many workers still prefer things to be written down on paper as opposed to complete digitization. A promotional calendar or notebook is a great way to promote a small business brand to this more traditional group, as well as guide them towards an online store or social media site. Once again, these items carry significant value because of their adaptable use, and can be useful for just about anyone.

Finally, people often forget that in order to access the ethereal online world, they still have to use concrete appliances like computers. Customizing these devices with social-media inspired accessories will help keep a company on a client’s mind all day long. A promotional USB key or laptop case with a URL or tag will ensure social media marketing without the need for an internet connection.

The social media world may be an ever-changing industry, but by advancing his or her company with relevant products and promotional gifts, a small business owner is sure to tap into the latest social trends.

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