Top December holiday promotion ideas

While there are always strange and unusual holidays throughout the year that can be used as pretenses for events and deals, it is probably a good idea to to play it safe and appeal to the atmosphere this December. This means that decorations should be predominantly Christmas-themed and promotions should recognize that most people are shopping for holiday gifts for their friends and families.

However, standing out from the competition is still one of the best ways to attract consumers, so make sure that any special events or giveaways have some unique or interesting elements surrounding them. Here are some ideas for promotions that can be heavily marketed and hosted by a store or office to increase brand awareness and appeal to new customers.

Free gift wrapping
Many stores feature gift wrapping services. However, some stores are too short-staffed to make the service available free of charge. Additionally, most gift wrapping isn’t as special or unique as a person might like. Offer a few options that go beyond wrapping paper choices and ribbons. This is also the perfect opportunity to give lessons on how to wrap awkwardly shaped packages. After all – most people can wrap a box, but not many can wrap a wine bottle or stuffed animal.

Random free purchases
There are few things that appeal to customers more than getting something for free – especially if they’ve been dropping quite a bit of money all month on other expensive products. Marketing materials can advertise that random consumers will be chosen on certain days or during certain hours to have charges for their purchases negated. Of course, it is important not to lose too much money by giving away an entire store. Analyze the loss before you implement the giveaway, and make sure that the prize is significant enough to provide adequate marketing value.

Promotional giveaways
Another random event that will make customers want to visit a particular location is a giveaway. Promotional products are exceptionally good tools for this kind of effort since they’re generally low cost. The most important element to keep in mind is the usefulness and appropriateness of the items being given. For instance, a beach towel can be a superfluous gift in some parts of the country because there’s really no use for it in the middle of winter. Conversely, stainless steel traveling tumblers will be appreciated in the colder parts of the year while laptop cases or bottle openers have appeal all over the country.

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