Gourmet snacks appeal to customers of all ages

Most promotional products are valued because they are useful.  Promotional pens, personalized calendars and branded mugs all serve important purposes and will be kept close by people who will certainly find uses for them in the future.

However, companies that want to take a break from offering tools like those, as well as soften their image, should consider making a temporary switch to promotional gourmet snacks and personalized candy. These items may disappear the moment that they’ve been consumed, and don’t have the staying power that a promotional tote bag does, but there’s an emotional appeal at play that is difficult to quantify, but very powerful.

The holidays that are swiftly approaching represent a very fortuitous time in which to make promotional candy available. The onset of winter is filled with holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that emphasize consumption and eating, so people’s minds will be primed for munching on some promotional chocolates or branded jelly beans. The warmth and comfort that these snacks provide will instantly be tied to an organization or its brand along with the nostalgic feelings and festive mood that this time of year brings about.

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