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Tools are excellent small business promotional items

Small businesses should take advantage of every marketing tactic that is available to them, so fully realizing the potential of promotional products needs to be a priority for every organization. To do so, the key elements of these items should be maximized. They include usefulness, a high rate of retention among customers and frequent use among consumers.

Small tools and helpful devices fit this description nicely. Certain items, whether they’re needed or not, will often be set aside for times when people project that they’ll be necessary. Local companies and small businesses should provide the following promotional tools so that they can keep their names, logos and brands in customers’ homes, cars and offices indefinitely.

Pocket tools and knives
Many people, particularly middle-aged men, feel naked if they don’t have at least a few tools at their disposal. Whether it’s a screwdriver, a knife, bottle opener, file or tweezers, certain objects have a habit of disappearing when people need them most. These situations are annoying and shouldn’t have to be repeated. Consequently, promotional pocket tools or collapsible knives that can be attached to keys or simply stowed in a glove box are sure to stick around for a while.

Wallet magnifier
Most consumers are loathe to admit it, but aging robs the eyes of their ability to focus. Many older people need a little bit of help to make out menus or instructions from time to time, but they refuse to wear reading glasses. Hence the value of a promotional wallet magnifier – this handy tool can be tastefully hidden in one’s billfold or purse and only brought out in the most desperate of situations. Consumers will be grateful for a surreptitious way to get by without having to give into Father Time, so they’ll certainly remember the company that provided it for them.

Tool pen
The only thing better than always having a promotional pen on hand is having a promotional tool pen available. This neat item is not only a fully functional writing implement – it can be used as a screwdriver in a pinch. Besides being useful, this sort of promotional product is the sort of item that can be used with pride and additionally functions as a novelty to be shared with others.

Emergency auto tool
Car accidents do not occur so frequently that people need to have complicated tools on hand to escape from them. However, keeping something like an emergency auto tool in one’s vehicle is a gesture that ensures peace of mind and confidence in the ability to escape from a car wreck. A promotional emergency auto tool is equipped with a glass breaker, a seat belt cutter and a 3-LED light. Promotional products that provide comfort and ease fears are always thought of highly and become memorable in their own right.

Flashlight ring
There are very few people who have ever had an experience when they wished that they’d had a flashlight with them. Some people constantly fumble with the locks on their front doors while others frequently feel frightened walking down a dark street by themselves. Regardless of the basis, this desire for light can easily be filled with a flashlight ring to which keys can be attached. Few people would shun such a gift, knowing that it is extremely valuable and very convenient.

Tape measure
Situations in which a tape measure would be fruitful are quite common, but procuring such a tool is not a regular occurrence. Thus, a promotional tape measure helps people keep track of lengths and distances while actively promoting a company’s brand.

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