School supply promotions for college students help with branding small businesses

Promotional products are fantastic tools for raising awareness of a company or organization, but their deployment needs to be well-thought out and carefully considered. The dispersal of personalized calendars or promotional mugs can be effective when done at random, but only to a point. The best campaigns begin and end with certain target audiences as their goals.

With that in mind, it is also important for small businesses to consider the time of year. School has recently begun anew, and college students are an excellent demographic to zero in on for a number of companies. Consider using the following items as branding tools this fall.

USB logo drives
Gone are the days of keeping physical notes and visiting libraries – today’s students are much more likely to need to share software and files than they are to pass papers amongst themselves. A USB logo drive that is sponsored by a university or company will naturally be popular and useful on campus. Their low cost, in comparison with the high level of functionality they provide, should be enticement enough for any company to make an investment.

Personalized notebooks
Despite the prevalence of technology in modern educational methods, there will always be a use for at least some pen and paper products. However, because fewer pages are necessary, those notebooks and other clerical tools that college students use need to be even more specialized in order to appeal to them. That’s why a personalized notebook (emblazoned with a school logo or company image, of course) is more valuable as a marketing tool than ever before.

Promotional duffel bags
Few groups are on the go as frequently as college students are, traveling from city to city and state to state to visit family and travel with friends. Their belongings need to come with them, so tools that help them to do so are invaluable. A promotional duffel bag is a cost-effective piece of luggage for cash-strapped kids who will be grateful for the useful tool and pleased to have one less hassle on the train or in the airport.

Though offices and their staff members may be runners up, the prize for champion highlighter users may have to go to students. Pupils have the most to gain by emphasizing certain passages or lines and are certain to be grateful for these tools. Promotional highlighters are, in addition to personalized pens, easily passed around and can be shared by many students who will see their messages and remember the organizations that branded them.

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