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Blogs are excellent for small businesses – when properly written

Search engine optimization campaigns demand fresh content that’s timely and unique. Many small business marketers learn of this information and believe that maintaining a blog will be easy. However, many have never written a blog before, and it can be frustrating to think of topics to write about when traditional advertising, promotional products and print media campaigns are on the mind. Here are some ideas for constructing a readable and search-friendly blog.

Company operations
It might seem mundane and boring, but even the smallest updates about a business’ doings can be made interesting. A humorous anecdote about a new printer or meeting with a client lends a personal touch to a blog that might otherwise appear to only exist for search engine purposes.

Staff members
A profile of each employee is a great go-to blog post topic. A great way to facilitate this is to come up with a standard list of questions that each staff member is asked. Not only does this make for quick and easy blog posts, but it allows customers to feel as if they know the employees of a company.

Some history
Companies are never built in a day, and even new ones have some back story that explains where they came from. An anecdote that somehow inspired the founding of a company can roll off the tongue in a pinch and build interest in an organization.

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One Response to Blogs are excellent for small businesses – when properly written

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