Marketing opportunities may be available with Google+ social networking

Just when small businesses have begun to learn the ropes of social media marketing campaigns, something new comes along to throw a wrench into everything. This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but no one is waiting with more bated breath for the full release of Google+ than online advertisers.

It is as yet unclear how Google’s new social networking platform will function, but some of the new innovations in store allow cause for speculation. The most well-known feature is the ability for users to differentiate friends and contacts into separate groups or circles. Quite possibly, this will mean that companies, businesses and organizations will be relegated to circles that are wholly apart from consumers and individuals.

While this may seem like a blow to local businesses and small company marketers, there may be some hope in store. Unlike on Facebook, the separation of companies and individuals may make users more apt to check their “business circle” with regularity to check for deals and specials. In fact, it may be even easier to offer secret deals, distribute promotional products or communicate with customers than it is on MySpace or Twitter. While Google+ is accessible by limited invitation only at this point, there is every reason to believe that its full release will be a clarion call for all small businesses to jump on board.

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