Branding expert says connection is key to recognition

Woolworths’ new hardware chain, Masters Home Improvement, recently unveiled a $3 billion venture that seeks to increase their brand’s recognition among consumers. The organization has introduced a logo that it hopes potential customers will quickly find memorable, according to Startup Smart.

“For Masters, we wanted something timeless that would be instantly memorable and recognizable,” Hans Hulsboch, Masters’ branding expert, told the news source. “We hope it will inspire our customers to master whatever job they are doing in their home.”

Hulsboch recommends that all companies consult with a branding professional, regardless of size. Being recognizable to consumers and other organizations within the relevant industries is a key aspect of success.

There are several ways a company can increase its brand recognition, one of the simplest being introducing promotional items into the pool of potential customers. An organization that wishes to increase its visibility can invest in promotional items such as luxury pens with the knowledge that every time a customer uses the promotional pen the business’ name will be advertised.

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