Why T-Shirts Make the Best Summer Company Gifts

When your business is looking for summer gift ideas this year, the best option is also the most simple, and yet, versatile – T-shirts. 

According to studies, 47% of consumers keep a promotional T-shirt for 2 years or longer. Your company can enjoy many benefits when you design and print a branded T-shirt that is colorful, eye-catching, and made with quality materials.

It’s a particularly useful gift in the summertime when the weather is warm and you’re planning company events or promotions.

Here’s why company T-shirts are a clear winner when it comes to choosing summer company gifts.

They’re perfect for summer outings

When it’s hot out, people look for two characteristics in their wardrobe options – simple and lightweight. T-shirts are easy-to-wear and nearly always well-received as warm weather gifts. 

People go to outings to kick back and cool off, so a branded T-shirt is an easy outfit decision for someone to make. T-shirts are also easy to mix and match in different styles and colors, making them excellent choices for summer cookouts, mixers, pool parties, happy hours, and other summer events. 

T-shirts build company camaraderie

Companies are consistently looking for new and different ways to improve productivity and collaboration. Sporting company T-shirts with your team is one way to make each individual feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves and contributing to a shared goal.

Disengaged employees cost the economy millions of dollars each year. On a micro level, these employees waste time, hurt company-wide productivity, and can ultimately hurt your company’s culture. 

This is why more companies are prioritizing summer events and the camaraderie and creativity that the season allows. Some popular summer company event ideas include:

  • Scavenger hunts, capture the flag, paintball, and other competitive events
  • A good old-fashioned company picnic with delicious food and beverages
  • Horseback riding or hosting a petting zoo
  • An outdoor movie night
  • Outdoor mixers, beer festivals, wine tastings, or other happy hour events

All of these activities are heavily social and collaborative. T-shirts are helpful in these situations as beautifully designed T-shirts stand out, making it easy for people to spot each other when meeting up for an event. Wearing matching T-shirts also creates togetherness during team-building.

Games and T-shirts go hand-in-hand

More than 80% of employees surveyed said that gamification gave them more of a sense of purpose and belonging at work. This is why fun, shared activities are an essential piece of company events.

They grow collaboration, encourage employees to exercise different parts of the brain, and help to forge bonds that last. Something as simple as matching T-shirts for the team can encourage participation and healthy competition.

T-shirts can be useful for distinction while competing against each other at company functions or as part of a larger company team, such as a softball or basketball league. 

Your swag bags benefit from T-shirts

Swag bags are a powerful marketing tool that any company or brand can take advantage of. These bags combine the allure of “free!” with usefulness, creativity, and strategic branding. 

Approximately 53% of people use a promotional product at least once per week. This possibility increases when your swag bag includes a branded T-shirt or two that people can wear for different occasions. 

The higher the quality, the longer your branded gift will last as part of the gift recipient’s wardrobe. Make sure that shirts are made from quality cotton, polyester, and other materials. Work with professionals that can apply a quality screenprint for any design that you’d like. 

T-shirts made professionally and with care are more likely to last through the years without fading or excessive damage from wearing and washing them. Your T-shirts will be extra appreciated if they’re included in a company swag bag you give out at a summer picnic or other summer company outing. 

Design your T-shirts with summer themes in mind to get the most value from them for these events, while keeping it appealing and adaptable. There are several summer-themed shirts that can create the vibe that you’re going for, including:

  • T-shirts with Hawaiian designs
  • Tank tops made with tie-dye patterns
  • Shirts sporting bright, fun colors such as yellow, green, orange, red, and more

When it comes to T-shirt designs, the sky’s the limit. They’re available in plenty of options for men, women, and children, and can be crafted with any style or personality in mind. 

People love the all-weather comfort of T-shirts

When it comes to your wardrobe, adaptability is the name of the game, and the comfort of T-shirts lasts even beyond the summer months.

T-shirts are appreciated and worn in all seasons, since they can be easily dressed up or down. With a couple of added layers, the T-shirts that you roll out for your summer event will still get plenty of use in the fall and wintertime. 

T-Shirts tell a story

Apart from the convenience and utility of T-shirts, they should remain high on your list of summer gift ideas because they tell a story about your brand and what you do.

They often feature your company logo and can include other meaningful designs like a special quote, theme, or even nicknames and company inside jokes. Not only does your organization benefit from brand exposure every time they are worn, but they serve as a positive reminder to your employees every time they see or wear the shirt.

T-shirts make the best summer company gifts

If you’re kicking around your company’s summer gift ideas, keep it simple. It doesn’t get better than having high-quality custom T-shirts. When it comes to promoting your company and bringing your team together, they present a win-win solution for any company or brand. 

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