How To Use Promotional Products To Cultivate Loyalty

The best thing one can do for one’s company is ensure that people remember where they experienced exceptional service. Repeat customers are the backbone of any business. However, this kind of relationship takes time and effort to develop. Promotional products can be extremely effective when forming these relationships. They show your customers that you value them by offering value in return. Here are just a few ways promotional products can help you ensure repeat customers.

1. Make a good ‘First Impression’

The first thing one looks for when breaking new ground and signing onto new deals is a pen. So, wouldn’t it be handy to provide a company branded present in abundance at such a meeting? Or make sure your customers carry one with them back home after an office visit and reap the rewards of your logo’s exposure. Those are just some ways to add a personal touch, when promoting your company. Myron’s Arden Stylus Iridescent Pen not only has the classic click-action ballpoint for quick, efficient signatures, but also doubles up as a rubber stylus for touch-screen navigation, making those signatures digital. And the iridescent design is likely to leave a memorable, vibrant impression on your customers.

2. Give them an Upgrade

You’ve had some consistent business with a customer who really likes working with your company. And now they’re taking your work relationship to the next level. It’s time for a business upgrade, and the best way to build on customer loyalty is to show your appreciation!

You’ve worked with this customer for a while and they want an upgraded service or product from you. This is a big step toward building customer loyalty. So, why not show your appreciation by giving them a promotional product? Myron’s Grande Tote Bag is a helpful aid, with an 8.5” gusset for a spacious interior, so they can carry your work essentials – notepads, tablets, phone, writing instruments and snacks – with ease. The screen-printed logo on the front of the bag is a win-win, which customers can showcase wherever they go.

3. Offer a Loyalty Reward

Once you’ve established a sustainable rapport with repeat customers, it’s important to let them know how much you value their loyalty. So why not reinforce that with a loyalty reward? Every meeting, deal, negotiation or conference is always accompanied by copious amounts of coffee or tea, to help the hard workers through the course of the day. Celebrate customer-business milestones, with a promotional product like the Himalayan Tumbler. This 20 oz. Tumbler is made of stainless steel and copper, offering durability and efficiency. It insulates your drinks, hot or cold, for up to 12 hours at a time! And the best part is that you can engrave your company’s logo front and center, thanks to the personalized laser engraving option we provide with this fantastic work essential.

All of Keeping your customers happy is what makes everything worthwhile. Making an extra effort, adding a personal touch, and showing consideration for the needs of customers, colleagues and clients is what makes any company special. With Myron’s promotional products, take your brand identity to the next level.

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