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5 Simple Ways to Turn Customers into Advocates for YOUR brand

Excellent Customer Service

We have become so accustomed to poor customer service that great customer service really stands out. Good products with great customer service equals loyalty.

Keep Your Word

If you promise a delivery date, deliver it. If possible, under-promise and over-deliver.


Surprise rewards can turn regular customers into brand advocates. Whether it’s an unsolicited discount on products or services, a simple thank you card sent by mail, or a branded gift, it makes a positive impression.

Fix Problems Fast

If something goes wrong, don’t wait! Fix it fast. Customers know that sometimes things can go wrong. The mark of a great company that demands loyalty is when it acknowledges a problem and makes it right… right away.

Create Loyalty Programs

Your best customers will benefit the most from a loyalty program. Not only does it create loyal customers that will help promote your brand, but it’s good for repeat business. The cost of acquiring a new customer is high, so repeat business cuts down your expense and leads to bigger profits. A great idea for loyalty rewards is giving out promotional items with your brand. That keeps your name in your customers’ mind.

Implementing these simple strategies can help move your business forward. It may even turn into a viral moment from one of your satisfied customers, effectively doing your advertising for you.

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