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The Importance of Year-Round Gift Giving

It doesn’t seem so long ago when you sent off all those holiday cards and gifts to your clients. So why think about gift giving now?

Well, have you ever gotten something nice when you least expect it? Even when it’s something small, thoughtful moments are never out of season, which means there’s no time like the present to spread the joy by handing your customers and clients a well-chosen promotional product.

Close out the sale, the conversation or the query with a gift, and you’ll succeed in ending their most recent encounter with you — and your brand — on a positive note. And that’s never bad for business!

Which gifts should you hand out?

When it comes to choosing good promotional products, the benefits don’t end with a momentary mood boost. It’s always the goal to choose gifts your customers and clients can enjoy using for months to come.

You can’t go wrong with the classic pen, and if you hand out pens that look and feel upscale, your customers will gain a writing instrument they’ll never want to part with! Or try this unique variation: A magnetic screwdriver is portable and useful, and will help you stand out.

If tech-friendly is more your vibe, a power bank that doubles as a key chain will resonate with your younger customers, as 60 percent say they’re more likely to do business with a company that gives them one as a gift!

Finally, the reach of your market bag will go far beyond personal use: Research shows these garner a whopping 5,700 impressions, so your brand will be seen far and wide!

What happens later?

When your company name and logo are imprinted on your gift, you make an impression each time your customer picks it up and uses it. It depends on the item, but the average promotional product gets eight months of use. In the end, the next time that customer needs you, it’s much more likely they’ll think of you first and you’ll get a return customer. When you compare the small investment you put into that item, you get a hefty return.

Here’s another thing to consider: Promotional gifts are also useful for the future customer. Take the example of the sales leads. Pursuing these is uphill work with a high failure rate. But most don’t pay much attention to an important fact: Fifty percent of qualified leads are not ready to buy yet. In other words, these are future customers, and it’s a fatal error to write them off.

The smart solution here is to nurture these leads. Focus on building the relationship by listening, and be sure to end the conversation with a small gift. If you use this time well, the future customer will walk away feeling like you could be the one who can make their lives easier. When they are ready, they’ll have a physical reminder handy. Since 15 to 20 percent of nurtured leads turn into sales, that’s a decent return on your time and investment.

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