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Why Umbrellas Can Be a Rainmaker For Your Business

The trouble with umbrellas is we don’t always think to take one. Who wants to drag one of those things around on a fun day out, especially after a vague weather forecast along the lines of “scattered showers”?

And that’s why umbrellas are such excellent ambassadors for your brand. With the season of sunshowers, thunderstorms and rainy days around the corner, now’s the time to have a ready supply to give away to clients and customers. When the next cloudburst arrives, your branded umbrella will be right there to help.

Whatever business you’re in, here are three ways umbrellas can be put to work for you:

1. In your store: If you’re an independent business in an urban location, that means people may have to walk a few blocks just to get to you. It’s no wonder, then, that a rainy day can dampen sales. Keep some compact mini umbrellas imprinted with your logo. Before your customer walks out into the downpour, you’ll be ready with a rare act of kindness that stands out. It may not turn around the rainy day, but the fact that you reached out and helped someone will make a warm memory — and give that person a reason to come back.

2. At the trade show: When people are away from home, being caught in bad weather can dampen their good time. For your upcoming trade show or convention, choose a giveaway that saves the day. A golf umbrella can keep people sheltered from sun or drizzle when it’s time for the big golf outing. Or weather protection can make it easier to explore the host city’s big attractions during their downtime. What if the weather cooperates? An impressive 83 percent of people surveyed by the Advertising Specialty Institute say they would keep a promotional umbrella because it’s useful. That means you’ll be handing out a souvenir they’ll be glad to accept.

3. Around the festival: When it comes to an outdoor event that brings the community together, an umbrella giveaway will turn heads and put your brand in the spotlight. If you’re setting up a booth at the fair or festival, be sure and offer a sign-up deal or special purchase that includes a free umbrella branded with your logo. Not only will you prepare them for any foul weather that springs up during the outing, other festival-goers will want one too!

In the long run, your investment in this unique form of advertising will pay off: 51 percent of people say they would do business again with a company that gave them a promotional umbrella. And once they get their prize home, they’ll see a reminder of you every time they reach for their jackets for months or even years to come.

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