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Unlock the Power of Subtlety with Promotional Products

If you want additional loyal customers and increased foot traffic, you don’t necessarily need to come up with a big splashy ad. What about gently nudging your name out into the world? That works, too.

Commercials and digital ads are fleeting (and annoying). But when customers take home a little gift, which 83 percent of customers like to get, your name becomes a part of their routine. What’s more, an impressive three quarters of customers can tell you about a promotional gift they were given. They could also recall who gave it to them and what the message said. Between visits, there’s virtually no easier way to keep the connection alive! Here are a few gift ideas:

Pens: A full 93 percent of customers deem promotional pens as useful. That means you are giving them something they want to keep on hand. And if it happens to be a high-quality pen with a shiny metallic case, they’ll never want to part with this writing tool.

Notebooks: It seems like screens have taken over, which gives people the mistaken notion we have transformed into solely digital creatures. Not true. Even students still use paper. That’s because writing on paper is centering, it’s a more effective study tool and it has brain-boosting benefits to boot. With your brand on the cover, think about the powerful impression that makes.

Key rings: Choose an everyday tool that multitasks, such as a small flashlight with a key fob attached. When your customer clicks the light to find their car lock in the dark, you’ve basically just helped them. Not only that, but a classic Baylor University study found that people who were gifted with a tool of value felt more goodwill toward the company over those who received a letter.

Mugs: Fully 53 percent of people use logoed drinkware every day. With your message imprinted on a beautifully designed, functional mug, what you’ll have is a walking billboard that will be seen by many eyes at the office.

USB drives: In the hands of your customers, these can turn into powerful problem solvers throughout your customer’s day. They can help organize files and data and make computer systems run better, all while keeping data safe in a sturdy case.

Phone wallets: Here’s a great tool for young, tech-savvy customers who have started the transition to the mobile wallet. They can slide their ID in the pouch and leave their chunky wallet at home. When you anticipate your customers’ needs with a smart solution, they’ll remember your brand as forward-looking and modern.

No, these are not a splashy way to get impressions. After all, there’s little chance of your pen going viral! But if you finish the transaction with a tool the customer will be sure to like and want to use, it becomes another positive encounter that can pay off later. Show your thoughtful side, and make it a practice to hand out some well-chosen promotional gifts.

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