Show educators you care on National Teacher Day

No matter the grade level, being a teacher is a difficult job. As federal budgets keep getting slashes, educators contend with shrinking funding for books, classroom supplies and field trips. Add in swelling class sizes and you've got a profession that doesn't seem to offer many benefits. However, teachers continue to show up day after day, putting their hearts and souls on the line for their students.

That's why educators at every level deserve appreciation on May 5, National Teacher Day. Whether you run a charter school, a prestigious college or a simple tutoring service, your teachers need to know that even though their students might not recognize it, they're doing important work. 

You can't put a dollar sign on the value of an education.You can't put a dollar sign on the value of an education.

Credit where credit is due
Sure, teachers get a few months off every summer, but that doesn't means they're lazing around for the rest of the year. In fact, Credit Donkey explained that the average educator works 50-hour weeks. On top of that, add another 12 hours for work that isn't traditionally compensated. This includes grading papers, coaching school sports teams and offering after-hours lessons.

Teachers do all this for students without the expectation of anything in return, so this National Teacher Day, show your educators that you're committed to making their lives a little easier. Because so many teachers bring work home with them, a simple tote bag probably isn't going to provide the support they need. Instead, give your teachers something like Myron's Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger Bag. Even if they're just walking from the car to the classroom, this ergonomic bag can share some of the load of a year's worth of papers. On top of that, the various compartments and securable pockets can keep your teachers organized in their most scatterbrained moments.

"51% of teachers work on Sundays."

A professional look
No matter what the future has in store, it's a safe bet that there will always be a need for teachers. However, many educators need to work overtime and hold other jobs just to make ends meet. According to a survey conducted by the University of Southern California, 51 percent of teachers work on Sundays. Compared to a national average of only 30 percent, this should tell you just how dedicated teachers really are. Add in the fact that 17 percent of educators also worked a second job and it's difficult to tell when the teaching day begins and when it ends.

If you think your educators are starting to wear a little bit thin over all this work, it might help to remind them what they're really working toward. Myron's Personalized 5" x 7" Brushed Aluminum Photo Frame and a special picture – say, of a favorite class or a particularly enjoyable field trip – can serve as a special memento of the true meaning of teaching.

Take some time to think of ways you can show your employees you care this National Teacher Day. Much like standing in front of a class and trying your hardest, a small gesture of appreciation to your teachers can go a long way.

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