Give back to faithful employees this National Loyalty Day

One of the major differences between major corporations and small businesses is the differing loyalty levels of employees. At larger companies, there might be less interaction with management and less engagement with meaningful work, which can lead to low productivity, absenteeism and upset clients.

Small-business employees, on the other hand, are some of the most loyal workers in the world. According to a study conducted by researchers at Baylor University, 57 percent of employees at business with between one and 49 workers scored in the highest categories for engagement, commitment and – most importantly – productivity.

Since your employees are so loyal to your small business, it might be time to show them how far you're willing to go for them. May 1 is National Loyalty Day, and any small-business owner who has a dedicated team working under him or her should take the opportunity to show employees that loyalty is a two-way street.

This is one sure-fire sign of an employee who might need an expression of loyalty.This is one sure-fire sign of an employee who might need an expression of loyalty.

Recognize success
One of the easiest ways to show your employees that they're more than just worker bees in your eyes is to turn business accomplishments into personal achievements. Closing on a big account could net your business critical revenue, but you shouldn't forget the salesperson at your company who helped make it happen. 

In situations like these, custom promotional products can serve as visual representations of your employees' skills. Don't just settle for old-fashioned trophies that your employees are just as likely to forget about. Instead, try out Myron's Promotional Disco Lights Speaker, which can be customized with up to a 48-character congratulatory message. Every time he or she needs a bit of background music, the speaker acts like a reminder of their successes at your small business. Who knows – it might even push employees to work even harder.

"To improve your employees' moods, you might have to make the first move."

Reinvest in employees
While a targeted promotional product can be the icing on top of the employee appreciation cake, enhancing allegiance among workers at your small business should be a primary goal this National Loyalty Day. However, to improve your employees' moods, you might have to make the first move.

Employees may want to remain loyal to your small business, but if they start to feel like they're stuck in place, that could turn in a hurry. Instead, look into training programs relevant to your industry or individual employees' preferences. If they're interested in learning new skills, paying for all or part of an after-hours certification course might leave the employee with a smile on his or her face all the way until retirement.

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